Michael Dunnam's Portfolio

Welcome to my new site! Home of the XMD Zbrush Brushes. Here is how it works. I will to the best of my abilities be creating exciting new XMD Brushes as well as Texture packs as often as I can. When I post new ones I will give out a coupon code to my blog readers that will make the new brushes 100% free! Just hop on over, sign up to guarantee that all new brush packs in the future remain free. Or if you are not interested in my awesome blog, you can pay the $5 for each brush set. Donations are always welcome. Once I hit 20,000 followers on my blog. I will be giving out a huge gift to everyone. I have a fantastic tiled game texture set as well as some unreleased stroke brushes. As for my blog. I will be posting once or twice a week.

Below you will find all of my work in one place. You can also check the portfolio link above to read information about each piece.

Enjoy! More coming soon!

3D Environment Artist – Michael Dunnam