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Zbrush Brush Tutorial

You asked for it! So here it is. Here is a extensive tutorial about making brushes in zbrush. This will also help when customizing existing brushes.

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There are 4 creature brushes included as well!

The tutorial set is 45 minutes in length with 9 videos.

All videos are straight to the point.

Here is a breakdown of what you will learn from this tutorial.

Part 1: Reference Gathering and Deciding Brush Types

Part 2: The different types of brushes in Zbrush

  • Dots
  • DragRect
  • Spray

Part 3: Getting your document ready

Part 4: Creating a brush from a sculpt in Zbrush

Part 5: Creating a brush from photoshop

Part 6: Creating a stroke dot brush

Part 7: Manipulating the alpha and stroke

Part 8: Saving your Brush

Part 9: Conclusion

I hope you enjoy! Please give me feedback on what you think.




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XMD Creature Set 2 Released!

I would like to introduce the second installment of the XMD Zbrush Creature Brush Set! This one is a small one but it packs a big punch! I tried out some new techniques with interesting results in this pack. As always it is free to my blog readers! So sign up if you haven’t. I hope you enjoy this one. Let me know what you think in the comment section below.



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Edit: Sorry forgot to add the link lol. 

:) Enjoy!



New XMD Premium Creature Set 1 Released!

I just released a huge set of XMD Creature Zbrush brushes. This set includes 22 brushes. There are 6 scale brushes, 6 detail brushes and 10 skin brushes. If you have not signed up for my blog, do it now and you will receive a coupon code to receive these awesome brushes free! Not only will you get these free, but you will get every brush I ever release free! :)


Michael Dunnam 3D Environment Artist XMD Zbrush Brushes Creature Set 1

4R6 Backwards Compatibility!

Good news! Now both of the new sets, the Premium Cracks 1000 set as well as the Premium Skin Set, have 4R6 compatible brushes. If you have already purchased them, you can just log in to Gumroad and download the 4R6 sets. If you have any trouble, just email me.

Crack Zbrush Brush Set - Michael Dunnam - 3D Environment Artist

XMD Skin Brushes for Zbrush

New XMD Crack Brushes!

I have just released an awesome set of Crack Brushes! The new set is not free. However you can still get it free by subscribing to my blog. You will get a coupon code after subscribing. This set includes a stroke brush from my own private collection: The Clay Trim brush. This is basically a trim dynamic brush, but yields better topology results. Enjoy!

Crack Zbrush Brush Set - Michael Dunnam - 3D Environment Artist

New Premium XMD Skin Brush Set!

I would like to introduce you to my New Premium Skin Brush Set! The new set is not free. However you can still get it free by subscribing to my blog. You will get a coupon code after subscribing.

XMD Skin Brushes for Zbrush

I also added a language translator widget to the site as well. I could only have 5 languages with the widget, so I chose the top 5 languages used by my visitors.

3 New XMD Brush Sets!

I have just released 3 new sets of brushes. First is the new stroke brushes! These are stylized stroke brushes. They work very well with terrain sculpting and detailing. Second is the new terra brushes! I used these on a recent terrain sculpt project. Now they are yours! :) Lastly, I finally created brushes out of the stitch alphas. For those that did not know how to use them. They might need a little adjusting for your needs, but they are ready for use.


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If you want to see a bunch of the XMD brushes put to good use in a great tutorial set. Go on over to Gnomon Workshop and check out Nate Stephens new tutorial, “Environment Modeling and Sculpting for Game Production”.



For now I will be using gumroad to host my Zbrush XMD brushes, along with tutorials and textures! I wil continue to post updates here, so no need to stop coming by. I am actually working on a brand new set of brushes! These will feature some of the new features of zbrush that my old brushes did not take advantage of. I am also working on Substance Painter brushes! :) These should be ready soon. I have started posting my texture bundles as well. I am working on integrating gumroad into my site, but until then drop on over to gumroad and check it out!


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3D Coat Brushes

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Thank you Phil Nolan for your generosity!


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